Mien - Painted Type

I created these hand painted type for a client of mine who wanted to use this as murals in his hair salon / spa. it's a 3-storey building, each with different functionalities (ground floor is a hair salon, top floor is a acupuncture & massage spa, etc.). We decided instead of calling each floor level 1,2,3, we would give them each a name that would best describe the services provided.

Prepared 3 graphical artworks featuring hand painted text over photos to be turned into 3-meter 
high murals for Mien, an award-winning hair salon & spa in Fitzroy North, Victoria.

The words BRAVE, CALM and NATURAL each corresponds to the different services provided at Mien 
on each floor. BRAVE referring to the hair salon, CALM for the spa on the first floor, and NATURAL to refer 
to the alternative medical treatments available on the top floor.

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